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Permission to Find Your Bliss

30 April, 2010

Photo by sburke2478

I want you to think back to your younger self: to a time before kids, marriage, or your career. Maybe you were still in college, or were just venturing into adulthood.

What were your passions? What did you find yourself thinking about? Dreaming about? Learning about?

Today, I want you to make a commitment to renew those interests, and find time to invest in them.

Maybe, you were a poet. Find a cafe that has poetry readings, and attend. Or, find your courage, and sign up to do a reading.

Maybe you were involved with a nonprofit?

Or, you have a great idea for a nonprofit.

Whatever it is, commit some time to think, research, or do something to revitalize that passion today.

I’m giving myself permission to put myself back on the to do list. Every day is spent doing for other people. You clean your house and cook lovely meals because you love your family. You go to work because you want to be able to provide certain things for your family. You encourage your spouse to pursue his interests because you love him. It’s time for you to do something for yourself because you love yourself and your family.

I don’t see this as being selfish because you are not only doing it for you, but for your kids. If they see Mommy passionately pursuing something, it will give them the confidence to do the same. And we all want to raise passionate and independent kids, right?

What do you want to find time for?

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