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Scrubbing Toilets and Mopping Floors: Developing a Cleaning System for Your Home

26 April, 2010

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Your home is your sanctuary. Never mind the cereal bowls on the counter and spilled milk on the floor.

You spend your days chasing kids, perhaps working full-time, eating scraps off your children’s plates, and trying very hard (and failing miserably) to appear to be perfect: the perfect Mom, the perfect housekeeper, the perfect spouse, the perfect whatever.

Maybe, you spend a lot of (unnecessary) time constantly cleaning your house. Maybe you think that if you don’t spend every day cleaning, you aren’t meeting requirements for the home manager position.

I’m here to tell you that your number one job is to play with your kids.

If you are lucky enough to be able to stay home with your kids, then don’t spend every moment cleaning and cooking because that’s what homemakers do.

You are a stay-at-home-Mom FIRST!

But, because someone has to clean up toast crumbs and slimy toilets, here’s a system that is HEAVILY adapted from the FlyLady system. There are a lot of things that I don’t necessarily follow when it comes to cleaning, but her solutions for housework are genius: Do a quick once over, once a week; and deep clean one area or “zone” each week, hitting each zone once a month. This is a breakdown of my daily, weekly and monthly cleaning schedule:

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I hate cleaning a house from top to bottom every week. My Mother-in-law does this, and by the second day she’s worn out, or it doesn’t get done because it’s too much. I’d rather do a little bit every, single day- I’ve found that my home is less dirty because of the daily maintenance. This does not mean that every day works out according to my to-do list. There are some weeks that not everything gets done. I have to let go of my perfectionism, and remember that next month, I need to start with what I didn’t do. Things come up, kids get sick, or every day is just too perfect to spend it inside.

If you enjoy cleaning your entire house weekly, do it. Or, maybe it makes you feel better if you do certain rooms weekly. But, the bottom line is your system has to work for you and your family. My schedule is not your schedule, and my home is not yours. What it comes down to is what makes you happy.

What are your cleaning routines like?

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