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A Perfect Day :: 30 Minute Challenge

20 April, 2010

I took this photo of my two boys on a perfect summer day.

It was right after breakfast, and it was already quite hot.

We were sitting under the tree in our front yard, rolling around in the grass and giggling.

Aidan was six months old, and had mastered rolling.

Chance was five, and totally enamored with his brother.

He loved giving him hugs, and Aidan loved to pat his face.

It was a morning filled with plastic pools filled with water, balls being rolled between brothers, and a Mommy trying to keep a baby from eating grass.

I’m excited to see what this summer brings, but also a little sad. Chance has finally learned to ride a bike, and we haven’t seen him since. 😉 He’s constantly at his friends’ homes down the street.

Will there still be summer mornings spent under the trees? Will Aidan still want to kick his feet on a spread out newspaper and laugh at the sound? Will Chance want to roll around with his little brother, and shout, “Mommy, watch me do this trick,” as he jumps into the plastic pool?

They get big so fast, I’m glad that I have captured moments like this: to remember how it was when it was just me and my babies, sitting under a tree, on a Tuesday morning, last summer.

Part of Steady Mom’s 30 Minute Blog Challenge.

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  1. 25 April, 2010 2:40 am

    Very sweet. Every Summer is different. I always try to prepare myself and usually end up just winging it. I guess we just have to be glad for the good things that are happening when they are happening. You snapped this photo maybe not even realizing how precious that moment would become to you down the road…there will be moments like that this Summer, too, but they probably won’t look like this photo. They will be the adventures of a bike-riding boy and his toddler tag-along…guessing you might need video instead 🙂

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