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Home Management Notebooks

19 April, 2010

Image by jkfid

I love notebooks. I keep notebooks for lists, notebooks for thoughts, notebooks for memories. Name something, and I probably have a notebook devoted just to that. There’s one always in the car, my purse, my nightstand, on my desk, and notecards in the bathroom.

But, probably my most important one is on my counter, next to the coffeemaker.

This is a binder filled with everything that makes running my family and home easier.

Whether you call it a Home Management Notebook or a Control Journal (if you have Flylady leanings), this is something that every Mom/Home Manager needs to maintain some level of order and sanity.

It doesn’t have to be fancy, but I do recommend personalizing it because if you are like me, it can get lost in your stack of notebooks.

I recommend using a binder. It makes it so much easier to add and remove things as situations arise and change.

I’ve also found that dividing the notebook into sections makes finding things so much easier. I just use tabbed dividers and put the pages in clear, plastic sleeves. This is so I can reuse lists and not waste so many trees.

Here’s how I divide mine:

1. Before my divided sections, I keep my daily to-do list and the current monthly calendar. I love Simple Mom’s Daily Docket. There are spaces on the docket for meal plans, your to-do list (and MIT’s) and appointments.

2.My first real section houses my daily routines and cleaning routines. I also keep cleaning tips and recipes for natural cleaning products in this section.

3. The second section has my meal plans for the current month, as well as my grocery lists and any recipes I need for the current week.

4. The third section houses my finances/budget for the current month, as well as progress made in our current Baby Step. We follow Dave Ramsey’s plan for financial freedom. Also, I have included our financial goals and relevant account information. I also keep all of our monthly bills in a plastic sleeve. The newest addition to this section is our IRA and 401k information. Can I get a YAY for retirement?

5. I keep a list of ongoing projects/long-term goals, organization ideas, and decorating ideas in the next section.

6. My newest section is devoted to this blog. I have a current calendar for all posts for the month, an ongoing list of ideas, and any research that needs to be done for upcoming posts.

7. The last section has emergency contact information for babysitters, as well as information about all of our doctors, immunization records, reminders of when doctor appointments need to be scheduled, and policy information for all insurance that we have (life, auto, medical, dental, etc.).

Basically, that’s all that is currently in the binder, but remember, as situations and life changes, make sure that your notebook adapts and grows with you. You won’t use it unless it works for you.

What do you have in your home management notebook?

Editor’s Note: My plan is to have downloads available soon to help you put together your own home management binder. Cross your fingers!!!

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